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How Do You Tension Your Roll-Up Garage Door Springs?

by Wilbur

Have you discovered that it is getting more challenging to operate your roll-up door? If your door is becoming more difficult to open or more challenging to shut, there is a fair probability that it is time to change the spring tension on your door. After all, changing this tension on an as-needed basis is essential to maintain your roll up garage door springs properly, ultimately resulting in the door lasting far longer. Regulating the spring tension and maintaining the springs does not have to be as laborious and challenging as it may initially seem. Tensioning your door has never been easier.

Cam-Action Spring Tension Holding Device

While initially adjusting the spring loading, the cam tensioner will “bite” into the axle, which will assist in avoiding the undesirable spinning of the axle.

Door Springs

Since they are now sustainable, it is no longer necessary to grease or perform regular maintenance on your springs to minimize friction, prevent corrosion, and extend their lifespan. Each spring is given a substantial coating of grease during the manufacturing process. This allows the additives to go deep into the spring’s pores, where they displace moisture and stop the development of rust and corrosion.

Checking Operation and Balance

If you want to ensure your roll-up garage door is working correctly, you can test the door’s balance by lowering and raising the door’s curtain a few times. An increase in the spring tension should be used if the door is simple to shut but challenging to open. If the door is simple to open but challenging to close, the spring tension may need to be adjusted downward.

Decreasing Spring Tension

To remove the tensioner spring roll pin, skilled personnel must first ensure that the newly adjusted tension is maintained.

Increasing the Tension in the Spring

Pulling down on the pipe wrench should be done by trained individuals to increase the spring tension. When a new tension setting is applied, the tensioner will automatically grab the axle and maintain that setting. Before they tighten the set screws, they need to ensure that all brackets align correctly with the door. When everything is finished, competent workers may take the pipe wrench away and do another round of door operation testing to confirm that the door operates balanced.  If the door is simple to open but challenging to close, the spring tension may need to be adjusted downward. If you notice that the tension is still off, you should repeat the above methods until the garage door can be opened and closed without difficulty.

Because it protects them from unnecessary force, wear and strain, operating your doors with the correct spring tension is vital for preserving and extending the life of your commercial roll-up doors. This is because it spares them from having to be used. Buy commercial doors with enclosed factory-lubricated springs and a cam action spring tension retaining system. You will have a simpler time adjusting and maintaining the springs than you ever had previously.

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